Beating Global Warming like a Boss Green Benefits [+ beautiful micro trip VIDEO]

Apart from the evident goodness of preserving nature, this is a lesson in appreciating what you have and putting a (new) spin on it according to a current and relevant issue also suitable for storytelling / PR. In these times of global warming, issues are flourishing as to the price of development and evolution, and therefore, an old road of trees – once established and now fought for by “greenery-oriented” people – can become a sensational story with green benefits.

On Facebook, I recently came across this internet meme pictured above. Behind this picture lies the story of a street called “Rua Gonçalo Carvalho”, located in Porto Alegre, Brazil. In 2005, despite plans to cut some of the trees down in favour of a parking garage, local community and the Gonçalo de Carvalho organisation prevented this from happening. In 2006, this forest in the shape of 500 meter long “green tunnel” was named a historical, cultural, ecological and environmental heritage of the city.

Having received international acclaim as one of the most beautiful streets in the world, the green benefits are visible: these trees provide not only functional quiet, shade and a natural aesthetic pollution filter, but also good green PR, branding and tourism.

Feast your eyes on this beautiful slideshow video below with delectable music and shots of the streets –  a nice tranquil break and micro trip if you are not there yourself right now!

More info, pictures and videos on the Gonçalo de Carvalho organisation’s blog and on Treehugger.

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